Goodbye Hunger Hello Hope


The privilege of food choices we have is beyond measure, when compared to what the majority of the world eats.  I was talking with a parent of a student at New Missions on what life was like at home. The father in the home, Eves, told me he eats very little, or no meat. Their family mostly enjoys fish if they are able to eat any protein at all.

Most children in the villages will snack on a mango when they are in season or have a banana. Some may enjoy locally grown peanuts or a fried sweet potato.


Life without options can bring a better attention to what’s healthier, actually. Most Haitians eat a plant and grain based diet. I admire the quality of locally grown beans and corn available across the Leogane region. The corn is actually a favorite of mine. They grill it over an open fire and it becomes a golden color, with a crispy toasted flavor.

Our school children are fed each day and are thankful for the Haitian cooks who prepare their meals. More than food for an empty stomach, each child knows there will be more food tomorrow. That assurance leads to gratitude. Give a little extra before the end of this year, so we can feed children year-round.



Caring Nurses


For years there was no medical clinic in the mountains. Thankfully, New Missions is now there with free medical care. Our school children know the benefits of a nurse by their side, and now communities do, too. When it comes to sharing God’s love with children and families, our nurses know best how to bring a healing touch through proper medical attention, and a special touch from God. From babies to children, and their parents too, our nurses are touching lives. Monthly, our medical staff is reaching thousands of people through the medical care we provide